The 20 Best Tiny Homes You Can Buy in North America

The tiny house movement has been taking the US by storm over the past fifteen years or so. Very small houses appeal to two kinds of people. First, there are those who decide they don't need a lot of room, or a lot of possessions to be happy. In fact, a simple home with a small footprint appeals to their lifestyle goals for various reasons. The other type are those who would like a second home, one that is mobile and can be taken along on vacation or to try out new places you might want to live someday. They were once called RVers, but a tiny home on wheels can be much nicer and homier. Manufacturers of tiny homes cater to both groups, and the variety of tiny homes is astounding.

HopmeCrux put together a roundup of the 20 best tiny home models they've found from established manufacturers. The features and amenities vary, along with the prices, so there is something for everyone. Even if you haven't been dreaming of a tiny home of your own, take a look through and see what's available. You might start to think differently!

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