The Bee Bole Wall: Hardscape with a Historical Purpose

Modernly, most hardscapes consists of patios, rocks, retaining walls, and fountains. The landscape of a property tends mostly to be designed with aesthetics in mind. Traditionally, however, there was a more practical approach to the hardscape. There was a specific reason for the incorporation of specific structures in the space.

The beautiful stone and brick wall, seen above, looks like the perfect place to house candles or lanterns. That, however, was not the original intention of this type of wall. This replica wall, found at the Stockton Bury Gardens in the UK, is actually a bee bole wall. It was built to remind people how bees were once kept on properties.  

Bee Bole Walls may have long since fallen out of favor, but one can still see the architectural beauty in their rustic and practical nature. The creation of an outdoor garden wall, with a series of little nooks, still has its place in modern hardscape. Bee Bole structures may no longer be the preferred way of bee keeping, but they certainly can still be a treasured and fanciful way of adding interest to an outdoor space.   

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