The Devil's in the Details of this Floor Plan

Take a look at this floor plan and count how many things you find wrong with this layout.

Imagine you enter the house by the front door. It appears that is the only way in, since the pool is walled. To get to the master bedroom, you must go through the dining room, kitchen, laundry room, bonus room, and bathroom. In fact, three of the four bedrooms are only accessible by going through the bathroom! You'd better hope that someone doesn't fall asleep after they forgot to unlock the right-side bathroom door. The middle bedroom has its own half-bath, but it doesn't have any windows, so it doesn't even qualify as a bedroom in California. The bonus room can't be used as a bedroom because everyone has to go through it.

It turns out there was one error in the floor plan illustration, one we could have seen if we had gone to the real estate listing and looked closely at the pictures.

Okay, that's a little better. There is an opening from the living room to the blue hall. Now you can access three bedrooms and the bathroom from the living room, but you still have to pass through the bathroom to get to the corner bedroom, or else walk all the way around the house. Nice pool, though.

A rational remodel would make the middle bedroom (in blue) into a hallway, and the bonus room into a master bedroom, with its own half-bath (there's room to make it a full bath if you wanted to). The corner bedroom could become a private office, nursery, or storage space. -via Digg 

(Image source: Redfin

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