The Downsides to Living in a Shipping Container

It wasn't all that long ago that shipping containers were lauded as the answer to the US housing crisis. They are large, customizable, and relatively cheap. They can be put anywhere. You can use several of them if you want, and even stack them if you like. The outside can be altered to look like a regular house. In other words, they are a shortcut to building a new house, but sturdier than a house trailer. And the kicker is that you can feel good about re-using something that would have ended up in a landfill instead. 

But there's more involved this plan than you might know. Phil Edwards spells out the particulars of container living, while staying in a shipping container himself and eating graham crackers. You can skip the first 3.5 minutes of this video if you just want to learn the downsides of shipping containers. -via Digg ā€‹

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