The Himmel Trial House is All About the View

The architectural firm Bauen built the Himmel Trial House for a very specific place- a large swath of the Paraguayan rain forest. It's a good thing there are no neighbors close by, because this house is made of steel beams and glass, so it offers minimal privacy and it's not much to look at, either. But this is a case of function over form, built for the people inside to enjoy the beautiful view of the hills and native vegetation.

The interior is minimally furnished, to avoid taking any attention away from what you see out of the windows, which are the walls, in this case. The foundation in minimal as well, and the rooms are cantilevered so that the interior is larger than the footprint.

It's a design that works well for the purpose it was built for, making the location the star instead of the structure. Read more about the Himmel Trial House at Ignant. -via Nag on the Lake

#architecture #Paraguay #minimalism

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