The House of Ides Concept

This beautiful structure called House of Ides is a concept designed by Turkey's Slika Studios. While it has not yet been built, they appear to have a location in mind. It is described as "neither on land nor on the water," but it is on both as you can see. The house foundation is to be embedded deep into the cliff for stability. It will be powered by a combination of renewable energy from solar, hydro, and geothermal sources. The lower level is a pool built above the water. In the images provided, you see the water level varies from a couple feet below the pool to just at pool level. Homecrux has more details

While the design is visually pleasing, we have questions. Do the inner rooms provide any privacy or sunlight? What kind of sewer service will this home have? Where do you put the TV antenna? Is there any way to access the house besides boat? We see that there is a small port to dock in, but assuming this is a very expensive home, we would guess that they will need space for a bigger boat. Or more than one boat. Or service boats. After all, you wouldn't expect the pool boy to just swim out there, now, would you?

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