The Joys of a Wood Fired Hot Tub

Have you ever considered a wood fired hot tub? have you ever even heard of a wood fired hot tub? Stephen O’Grady saw the video above by Jonathan Kuhn and thought about investing in one. He and his wife ended up using theirs almost every day! The impetus was in making their home more like a vacation, since they didn't feel the need to leave their island dream home. The benefits of a wood burning tub is that you can put it anywhere because it doesn't need to be connected to the house for electric heat, and you don't need electricians to install it. You do need firewood, though, but O'Grady was already heating his home with wood, so they had plenty. The water you use is as flexible as the location, meaning that people have used lake water, sea water, well water, or piped-in water.

Six months after purchasing a Goodland wood fired hot tub, O'Grady tells us all about it, the advantages and disadvantages, what you'll need, what to expect, and how the tub has enhanced his life. It takes a certain kind of person to benefit from this kind of hot tub, but if you are in a place with plenty of firewood and a bit of space, it can be heaven. -via Swiss Miss 

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