The Lova Kettlebell With Wooden Stand By Pent For The Luxury Home Gym

Who says home fitness equipment has to be a an eyesore? The Lova kettlebell, with solid wooden stand, looks more like a work of art than an exercise accessory. The carved handle and base are made from natural American Walnut. The metal weight is constructed of stainless steel. The two elements are married together to create a beautiful and functional piece of exercise equipment. 

Pent is a Polish company that specializes in manufacturing luxury fitness equipment. Typically their wares are found in the gyms of high end hotels. They are, however, also sold to individuals looking for unique and stylized pieces for their home gym. 

The Lova Kettlebell is not for everyone. The piece comes with a hefty price tag. There is no denying that much cheaper metal kettlebells can be found that would function just the same. That said, however, Pent has created something unique. They have achieved a level of artistry and elegance that is normally not found in functional pieces of gym equipment.    

Image: Pent Fitness

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