The Many Ways a Kitchen Can Go Wrong

When designing a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, you must take into consideration how much room you have, what are the most important things to prioritize, and how well the kitchen will work for you when it's done. However, when you're renting a home you don't have much choice but to live with what you have. In a gallery of 27 failed kitchens, quite a few are the result of cheaply-built or retrofitted apartments that have such simplified plumbing that one or more of the bathroom fixtures are in the kitchen. That seems gross, but it happens a lot. There are many that all the result of just plain bad taste. A few are the victim of poor planning, when a landlord buys the cheapest replacement appliances without measuring the space for them first. But some of them are like a puzzle. How did a kitchen island end up with columns? Did they put a cast iron tub upstairs that made the floor sag? Or was it a question of not knowing where else to put an electric outlet? The image below is also a puzzle.

The questionable cabinet pattern and color combinations aside, how did those upper cabinets end up in this arrangement? Well, we can see that the stove is being replaced at the right, because the hood is lying on the counter. The stove hood is the reason that the right cabinet is higher. But the middle cabinet is neither even with the left cabinet, nor is it halfway between the two other cabinet heights. Someone measured this at one time, and got it all wrong. Check out the entire gallery at Pleated-Jeans for laughs and a few puzzles that you might be able to figure out.

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