The Most Popular House Styles in America

American Home Shield took data from Zillow about sold homes and their prices to determine which architectural styles are currently the most valued in the United States. At the very top is the beach house, which seems like a loophole of some kind, because the term "beach house" is less of a style and more of a location. Take those houses and move them inland, and the reaction would be more "meh" than "million-dollar property." The chart above lists the twenty most valuable styles and the twenty least valuable styles, which makes us wonder if there were only forty styles considered, or if perhaps there are others that landed in the middle.

Of course, preferences, and therefore prices, vary by state. The above graphic breaks down which architectural style tends to draw the highest prices in recent home sales in each state. Read about these statistics, and see other charts detailing the most common house style in each state and the most uniquely popular style in each state at American Home Shield. -via Digg 

(Images credit: American Home Shield/CC)

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