The Most Unique Apartment in St. Louis is For Sale

ā€‹City Museum in St. Louis is a famously quirky attraction. Artist Bob Cassilly bought a defunct shoe factory and turned it into an art museum and playground by repurposing industrial equipment and structures. A generation of St. Louis kids have enjoyed the City Museum. What many people don't know is that Cassilly designed an apartment inside the building for his family, and his heirs are selling it.

So what would it be like living inside a museum? According to the real estate listing, the loft is 2,763 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths, and lots of whimsical features like concrete and glass art structures, wide open spaces, a commercially-equipped kitchen, interior windows, and toilets in the laundry room -or are those laundry facilities in the bathroom? One room has what appears to be a wooden slide.

You won't be alone in the museum; it has other condos for sale as well. The others aren't quite so, um, customized, but they offer a lot of space and contain historical artifacts. Each can be described as "unique." -via Fark 

(Top image credit: Chris857

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