The Price is Dropping on this Ugly Crypto House

There's a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Hollywood for sale that's now less than a million dollars, and still no one wants to buy it. What's going on? A look inside tells the story.

Yeah, it's ugly. Who paints a fireplace purple? And that wallpaper is a stacking of Bored Apes. The bedrooms aren't any better, with wallpaper consisting of images of Doge and other internet memes. The worst, and the explanation, is in this image.

It appears this house was bought by someone who jumped into cryptocurrency and NFTs early and made so much money they had to enshrined their shenanigans in their living space. Now that those bubbles are over, neither they nor any potential buyers want anything to do with it. However, if I were looking for a sub-million-dollar home in Hollywood, the offending parts seem relatively easy to fix. It's just several rooms of wallpaper, and pulling up some ghastly astroturf carpet. This home will be sold as soon as the price drops enough to cover that work. Let's hope the seller will take their furniture, too. Aside from the cosmetics, the house underneath seems really nice. ā€‹

The lesson here is that if you insist on changing your decor to the meme of the minute, maybe do it one room at a time, because you may think differently next year.

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