The Risks of Letting a TV Show Renovate Your Home

Magnolia Network is a new television channel owned by Discovery and Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame. Magnolia was originally planned to replace the DIY Network on cable TV, but instead launched on the Discovery+ streaming service a couple of weeks ago. One of the new shows on the network is Home Work, a renovation show starring Candis and Andy Meredith. 

Home Work was pulled from the schedule after only a few days due to viral allegations from three of the homeowners who contracted for renovations through the show. The claims include long delays in the contracted work (which is at least partially due to the pandemic), demands for way more money than the project was supposed to cost, and shoddy workmanship. The Merediths blame the contractors. Magnolia Network did an internal investigation and found no "ill or malicious intent” on the par of the Merediths, and reinstated the show on Thursday.

So what happened? Three families who contracted renovations through Home Work, the Bennions, the Hawleys, and the Goateses, tell their side of the story at Buzzfeed News. 

(Image credit: Pete Ryan

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