The Sicilian Castle from The Godfather III Can Be Yours

If you've ever had a yearning to live on the slope of Mt. Etna near the Ionian Sea, here's your chance. But it ain't cheap. Piazza Agostino Pennisi has 22 bedrooms and eight bathrooms in its 43,055 square foot interior. This castle was built in 1800 and is solid as a rock, having survived both the 1908 earthquake and the bombings of World War II. Speaking of bombs, Piazza Agostino Pennisi was heavily featured in the movie The Godfather Part III.

As for the price, this property is not as expensive as you would imagine for a huge castle with all the perks like a chapel, numerous reception halls, wine cellar, library, and an artist's studio, plus a collection of artworks by Paul Pennisi. It is listed with Sotheby's for $6,819,732. If you are wondering why such an odd amount, that's €6,000,000. You can see 30 pictures of Piazza Agostino Pennisi at the real estate listing, and read about the castle's features at Apartment Therapy

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