The World of Toilets Shaped Like Skulls

File this under things I did not know. There are companies from which you can purchase a real toilet shaped like a skull. The "skoilet" above comes from a Swiss company called Skullpot. Skullpot toilets come in white, black, and gold. They also sell skull urinals and branded toilet paper.

The French company Water Throne has skull toilets in many colors and themes, and offers features like LED lights, speakers, and smartphone connections. You can have your skoilet customized any way you like!

You can see this kind of thing being cool for an avant-garde restaurant or an art gallery, but in a home? Imagine that the one thing people will remember about your house is the toilet. These toilets don't come cheap, and since the two companies are in Europe, shipping costs may be astronomical. The revelation about skull toilets came from a Twitter thread in which we learn a lot more about them and who may be attracted to this kind of home decor.

Read what Sheridan found out at Threadreader, or at the original Twitter thread with the expectedly hilarious replies. -via Metafilter ā€‹

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