This Adjustable Cabin Is The Perfect House For Any Occasion

There are houses that each fit certain occasions, but this particular cabin turns out to be perfect for all of them. 

Meet ANNA, a cabin designed by Caspar Schols. It's a house that you can adjust to perfectly match every moment you might have with family and friends. You can literally stretch it to have a good view of the outside world from within your home. Or maybe you wanted to host a party then extending it would help you fit more people. 

The side walls of the ANNA cabin consist of a solid outer wall with an attached metal roof and an inner framed wall with glass roof. Both walls are set on tracked wheels, which can be pushed in and out independent of one another by hand.  When the outer wall is pushed outwards, the inner frame walls and glass roof remain to create an inside space that is open to a lot of natural lights but with a top cover to protect the occupants from the elements. When both walls are pushed out, the interior space is fully open to nature.

There’s just so much we can do with the ANNA cabin. Its excellent ability to adapt makes it the perfect house for life's many occasions. This multi-purpose cabin clinched the world-class 2021 Architizer A+ Awards Project of the Year Award. It is an architectural masterpiece!

Don't miss the video clips below.

Images: Caspar Schols

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