This Estate In Hawaii With A Waterfall Sells For $5.75 Million

If your place has a humongous waterfall in the backyard, you’re probably looking at a resort, not a home. Well, at least in the commoner’s homes, no one’s expecting a body of water nearby. Hell, some of us don’t even have backyards. 

For this 9.44-acre oceanfront estate in Hawaii, one person has successfully managed to purchase it for half its selling price. Eric Lochtefeld got it for only $5.75 million (we say only in terms of how real estate prices its properties, that’s still a lot of money for us), half of its original asking price of $12.5 million in 2020. This resort owner won it in an auction by Sotheby’s Concierge Auctions in mid-August. 

He and his wife, who have been living in their business establishment, the Bliss Island Resort, plan to turn it into their permanent residence. “[The property] steps away from the coastline, this property has unmatched recreational amenities in a resort-like setting,” Mr. Lochtefeld said about his purchase. 

The stunning estate is a great choice for the couple. Aside from the 240-foot waterfall, the property contains a tennis stadium, a 16-foot deep Olympic pool featuring a two-story waterslide, a nine-hole golf course, and a terrace with a lounging area. A home fit for people who have millions of dollars indeed.

Image credit: PANAVIS

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