This House Gives You A Feeling Of Space Exploration

For most of us, getting aboard a spaceship and exploring space itself is an impossible dream. But boat architect Kurt Hughes manages to give us the next best thing--a house that’s designed to look just like NASA’s Apollo Lunar Module spacecraft. 

This 3,000-pound lunar lander was placed by the banks of the Columbia river where residents can enjoy the sight of wide open “space”. Unlike the actual thing that’s probably cramped inside, this house has an area of 250 square feet so there’s no need to worry about moving around. It has two floors and an open floor set-up. Entering the lander, we find ourselves on the upper floor where we can find everything expected of a home--living room, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. Then there’s a staircase that descends to the bedroom. When we feel like imagining ourselves in outer space, all we need to do is take a peek at the skylight ceiling at night.

It’s definitely not the full space experience. But living in this lander home, we get to feel the thrill of space exploration without actually leaving the planet.

Images: Kurt Hughes - via Yanko Design

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