This House is Eight Feet Wide, But Feels Much Bigger

When land is precious, you make living space anywhere you can. This house in Toronto is only eight feet wide on the outside, but the width on the inside maxes out at seven feet, three inches. You may think that would be super-claustrophobic, yet it seems quite roomy once you take a tour. The house has stood on this property since 1880. A hundred years later, an architect redid the entire interior to maximize what space was available and bring in light. There are rooms on five levels (with some half-levels, too), a balcony, a fenced back yard, three toilets, and even a two-story atrium. Thinking outside the box helps, like installing a bathtub by the stairs in a room separate from the toilet, and using the same door for the bedroom and closet. The biggest caveat is that you have to be willing to climb stairs constantly going from room to room. If you're able, hey, that's good for your health. -via Digg 

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