This House Is Everything Everywhere All At Once

When you first see this home exterior, you may start to count how many colors, textures, and materials are represented. It doesn't look bad, but it's certainly not pulled together the way you'd expect. I've seen a lot of houses that end up this way, when homeowners need a repair they can't afford, or they replace a section with something they like better but can't afford to do the entire house. This one is on the market, so let's look inside.

Oh my. It's fancy and modern, and kind of confusing. A look back at the listing tells us this is not a repair job, but a new construction. They deliberately put as many colors, textures, and materials as possible throughout the interior as well as the exterior. They are all pretty individually, but thrown together in this way, it could easily give you a headache.

The 46 photos at Zillow end with a palate cleanser, since the garage is blessedly plain. One might jump to the conclusion that this house was built with remnants of showroom materials bought at a discount, and combined as well as they could be. Or could the original intent be to use it as a showroom for a home building supply company? As it is, this house is no one's cup of tea, because it's been on Zillow for 307 days. But that may also have something to do with the price. -via reddit ā€‹

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