This Luxurious Estate Must Smell Wonderful

A 60-acre estate for sale in Leverett, Massachusetts has everything. The property has eight buildings, with 120,000 square feet of living space (the main residence is only 25,000 square feet). That includes 16 bedrooms (five in the main house), 25 bathrooms, an indoor water park, a bowling alley, indoor parking for 80 vehicles, a recording studio, indoor tennis and basketball courts, a nine-hole golf course, two wine cellars, an arcade, a small theater, and a fitness center. Did I miss anything? Yeah, there's more. And it can all be yours for just $23,000,000.

This is Juggler Meadow, the estate of the late Michael Kittredge, founder of Yankee Candle. Or part of it; his compound was 100 acres and has been divided. The real estate listing doesn't say much, but you can read a lot about Kittredge and his amazing compound at Dirt. -via Digg 

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