This Michigan Castle For Sale is the Perfect Place to Re-enact Game of Thrones

A property for sale in Rochester, Michigan, is a 10,790-square-foot castle on six acres with medieval features to fulfill your wildest fantasies! It has a 50-foot-tall spiral staircase, secret passages and hidden rooms, a drawbridge over a moat, a dungeon, and more. As you can imagine, it's the talk of the town as it goes on the market.

Michigan Live talked to a representative of the real estate company. 

“This is ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 9,” Nicholas Asplund of Lux Partners Global enthusiastically told MLive when talking about the home. “The build quality and cost is unmatched and couldn’t be done today for under $15,000,000. The surprises are endless. It must truly be seen to be believed.”

The owner of the home brought in people from all over the world to help construct it over a six-year period in the 90s.

“It’s just a straight up medieval castle,” added Asplund. “The owner had a lot of money and when he was building this home, he told the designers what he wanted and they brought in people from all over, sourcing things from across the globe. They didn’t spare any expenses. It’s super solid and massive. I mean, it’s built out of stone and steel.”

See tons of pictures at the real estate listing.

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