Trained Lemon Trees at the Casa Angelina Hotel on the Amalfi Coast Create an Inspiring Outdoor Look

Photographs of dream vacation destinations are wonderful for inspiring one's life back home. Images of  elegant patio of the Casa Angelina Hotel on the Amalfi Coast is no exception. This stunning property showcases more than just a beautiful location. The deck area highlights how the right incorporation of natural elements can create a stunning impact in a small space. 

This Casa Angelina patio area uses a very simple color pallet of white, yellow, green, and natural wood. The white deck chairs and simple natural wood tables effortlessly blend into the space. The slatted decking is practical and simple. The stars of the show, however, are the gorgeous and healthy trained lemon trees. The lemon trees at the Casa Angelina are tied to a structure to encourage their branches to grow outwards. The effect is to create a living patio cover that provides shade and a magical place to pass the time. 

Training trees and vines into the shape of a shade structure is a wonderful and simple way to add impact and drama to any space. Lemons may not be a viable option for every climate, but a similar look can be achieved with other types of trees and vines. The biggest cost of this type of landscape is really the investment in time. 

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