Modpools: Turning Shipping Containers Into Swimming Pools

Shipping containers, as the name implies, are used to, well, ship large amounts of stuff from place to place. But that doesn’t mean that shipping containers are exclusive to shipping stuff; they can be repurposed for a different function.

Paul Rantham was well aware of this fact, and for years he has been modifying shipping containers into offices and bathrooms through his company ModPro. And in 2016, during his trip to Palm Springs, he thought of a new way to modify shipping containers: he thought of turning these bad boys into swimming pools. This he did, and he started ModPools in 2017.

Last year, Rantham’s container pools saw a huge increase in demand. Because people couldn't travel, they used their vacation money to buy pools so that they could beat the summer heat in their own backyards.

Brad Fontaine, the marketing manager of ModPools, remarks that, unlike conventional swimming pools, the container pools are very portable, and they can easily be transported when people move houses.

It looks neat and awesome, to be honest. But what do you think?

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(Image Credit: Modpools)

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