Two Historic Araby Rock Homes Are Up For Grabs

Have you ever considered living in a stone house like The Flintstones? The most ancient building material is also the sturdiest, best insulating, and can be exceedingly beautiful. But there are drawbacks to living in a rock home, including the difficulty of dealing with modern plumbing and electrical systems, and how hard it is to change or expand the house itself. Add in a historic designation, and you can see how it will take just the right buyer to purchase either of the two iconic Araby rock homes now on the market for the first time in 45 years. 

The four Araby rock homes in the Hopi Village neighborhood of Palm Springs, California, were built by R. Lee Miller around 1929, when Palm Springs was a barely-populated enclave in the desert. The stone houses are presumably built from locally-quarried rock. An urban legend says that actors who played the Munchkins in the movie The Wizard of Oz had these homes built to their smaller dimensions, but they only look short from a distance. The rooms have the standard heights of the era they were built. Still, the houses hark back to an era when artists would move out in the desert hills for inspiration.

The homes are listed with Sotheby's, and you can check out the images of the two-bedroom, one bath house at 2501 S Araby Drive and the two-bedroom, three-bath home in two structures at 2550 S Araby Drive. Click the image on the right at each listing to bring up a gallery of images. -via Fark ā€‹

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