When You Want Live Away from It All

A real estate listing in Maine might be an outlier, but it is also illustrative of the crazy housing market in 2022. This little house is listed for $339,000. It has 1470 feet of oceanfront and a 360-degree view of the sea. Yes, it's your own private island! But it comes with some deficits you might want to think about. The house has two rooms; one is a bedroom loft accessible by ladder. It has no heat, no air conditioning, no bathroom, no parking, no road, no trees, and no gas. It is unclear if there is any plumbing (there is a kitchen sink, but no faucets). You'll have an outhouse a short distance from the home, but with no trees to hide it, it's a good thing there are no neighbors. It does appear to have electricity.

The Sydney Morning Herald wonders if this could be a candidate for "the loneliest house in the world." Anyone buying this property must have their own boat, and presumably must also have another house to live in when you want to wash the salt off. See lots of pictures of this house at its real estate listing. -via Digg ā€‹

(Images credit: Coldwell Banker)

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