Why You Think Your House is Haunted

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Do your lights flicker at the weirdest time? Are there bumps in the night? Sudden drafts for no reason? Doors slamming when no one is around? Sounds like you live in a haunted house! But before you call Ghostbusters, or whoever the local paranormal investigators are, Let's examine why these same symptoms occur in so many "haunted" houses.

As luck would have it, the science editor of Paranormal Daily News is also a building contractor, so he knows a bit about houses. Craig Weiler will not pronounce your home haunted or not haunted, but he will give us some guidance on those common symptoms. There are common, everyday reasons why houses go bump in the night and strange things just happen on their own. Even if you don't think your house is haunted, you'll want to go through Weiler's checklist and find out what your house is trying to tell you. Those bumps and creaks could be something you can easily fix! -via Boing Boing ā€‹

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