Yes, Rooms Can Be Too Big

Sometimes you sit in your small house or tiny apartment and wish it were bigger. Or dream about becoming rich and buying a big house. How big do you want it? Room to move about without bumping the furniture would be nice, but you could just get rid of the furniture. Once a house become too big to properly heat or cool, or when you become exhausted moving from from to back, it's too big. But people still want big houses to show off what they can afford, and this one takes that idea to the limit. It caught the attention of Kate Wagner at McMansion Hell. We don't know where it is or if anyone actually lives there, but this 15,000-square-foot house isn't user-friendly at all. It appears to exist just to be big. The room pictured above may remind you of an aircraft hangar, but it's hardly bigger than the other rooms.

Who would want to carry a hot dish across a dance floor just to get to the other side of the kitchen? The recreation room could be a commercial facility, and the bedrooms have so much space for activities! Any time you feel the urge to dream of a big house, take a look at the latest monstrosity from McMansion Hell and be glad you've got a cozy, functional place to live- one that no one is liable to laugh at. -via Nag on the Lake ā€‹

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