You Can Now Stay in a Recreated Version of Carrie Bradshaw's Sex and the City New York Apartment

It appears that everyone's wish to live in Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone apartment from Sex and the City has come true. 

Carrie walked into our life over 20 years ago and showed us the gorgeous brownstone apartment that we all fell in love with. Our fantasies, fortunately, have finally come true. WarnerBros. and Airbnb collaborated to replicate this amazing and legendary residence as a celebration for the upcoming sequel, And Just Like That.

From the painted walls to the cordless phone and even Carrie's black laptop, all the details in the apartment are carefully placed. The room's shelves are covered in Vogue magazines and martini glasses that are great for making cosmopolitans. Not to mention Carrie's legendary closet, which is stuffed to the brim with her couture gowns. Ruffles, extravagant dresses, glitter, and Manolo Blahniks are all over the place. As with everything else we've seen from the film so far.

The Bradshaw apartment is now available for booking starting last November 8 at noon for $23 per night—a numeric nod to Sex and the City's premiere date twenty-three years ago—and is located in New York's Chelsea area.

Image by: Tara Rice 

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Images by: Kate Glicksberg

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