Eight Bedroom Home Comes with Stained Glass, Steeple, and OrganA church in downtown Shamokin, Pennsylvania, is for sale as a single-family home. This is fine if you've always wanted to live in a church. The interior is 14,000 square feet! Plus it comes with lovely stained glass throughout, a bell tower with bell, a pipe organ and a grand piano. The real estate listing says it has eight bedrooms, two full baths, and two half baths, plus a commercial kitchen. It's described as a "church converted to mansion." But if you take a closer look, you'll see that the conversion consists of putting beds in various rooms and adding Jacuzzis to two of the bathrooms. Oh yeah, and there's a washer/dryer in the fellowship hall.Would this be a neat place to live? Sure! But think about heating that sanctuary, the fellowship hall, and all those bedrooms that are much bigger than they need to be. There is no parking lot, or even a driveway that we can see. Yes, it could be remodeled, but that expense needs to be taken into account before purchase. This is a rare listing that doesn't have a realtor; it is for sale directly from the owner. With extensive remodeling, it might make a really nice business, entertainment venue, or hotel, but that would be subject to zoning. Honestly, the best customer for this property would be a church congregation looking for a larger home. -via Fark#realestate #church
Church Turned into a Stunning Indoor Swimming PoolSince 1892, this building has served to enhance wellness - from a sanctuary for the mind to now a sanctuary for the physique. A former asylum in Essex is being converted into a fitness center. The domed cathedral where the hospital’s church used to be now houses its indoor swimming pool. It still retains its gothic aesthetic and stained-glass windows, a unique selling point that no other gym in the world can offer.Members can “lift dumbbells under [the] domed ceiling” of what was once a recreation hall for patients. The gym is also equipped with modern facilities such as a sauna, steam room, and jacuzzis.Working out in an asylum-turned-wellness center, sounds like a pitch too good to miss!Images: Virgin Active#swimmingpool #church #asylum #cathedral #pool #indoorpool #gym 
Explore the Historic Kilburn Tin TabernacleIn the Kilburn district of London, you can see an example of what was once known as a "tin tabernacle." These were churches thrown up in a hurry, made of corrugated iron. No, they weren't tin, but "iron church" doesn't have the same ring to it. The idea was that a permanent church would be built to replace the iron structure within five years, but in Kilburn that never happened. The tin tabernacle has been there since 1863, long enough that it has been deemed a historic building and cannot be demolished.