Treehouse Hotels and Rentals For Your Vacation(Image credit: Fox and Hounds Hotel)You've got the travel bug after two years at home, but you don't want to deal with crowds. It would be great to relax in a natural place, as long as it's not too hot. How about a vacation where you stay in a treehouse! No hiking or adventure tours will be necessary to get back to nature, and the accommodations are luxurious. You can stay in treehouses in a rainforest, a nature preserve, an evergreen forest, on a mountainside, over a lake, or even in elevated accommodations without trees at all. The views are spectacular, which is why they were built in the first place, and you'll have all the privacy you can imagine. From South Africa to the Arctic, from Japan to Utah, there's a treehouse out there calling your name.
Cabins in the Trees by AOE Architect is a Hotel that Gives You The Experience of Staying in the Jungle CanopyIn Guilin, Guangxi, China, there is a hotel that offers a charming area that showcases nature’s beauty by providing lush trees and a little running river. The magnificent hotel, called the Guilin Lebei Homestay Hotel, was designed and developed by aoe architects, who were inspired by local traditional structures that serve as a kind of shelter with a wide view and designed to keep people safe and out of danger.The structure is elevated 5 meters above the ground and aligned with the forest canopy. It is made up of 13 different units, each with its unique set of forms, regions, and shapes. Each unit is estimated to be 27 square meters, divided into two levels: the first contains a main hall that may be used by adults, while the second serves as a play area or a child's bedroom. A climbing ladder connects the two stories.A raised walkway connects the hotel units and features slides, slings, and other entertainment facilities. It also has a garden and resting areas where you may admire the trees.Images by: Runzi Zhu #Cabin #Homestay #hotel #canopy
Delicious and Edible Willy Wonka Hotel Room Complete With Lickable WallpaperLateRooms teamed with The Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset, England, to design a hotel room inspired by the Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory film.The chocolate-themed hotel room's walls are supposed to be lickable, with a variety of delicious fruit flavors that will be changed for each new room guest. The room goes for £200 per night and features a king-size memory foam bed, plush robes, a Willy Wonka-inspired blazer, and endless edible and complimentary gifts during your stay. A chocolate-filled bath is even available for an additional fee.In short, this is a sweet tooth's dream come true!Images by Late Room - via Hunker​#willywonka #chocolate #hotel