Honest Home Buying with Roger HortonThe latest installment in Cracked's Honest Ad series is about buying your own home. This video mocks every part of a home buying experience, from real estate agents who don't know what they are doing to the TV shows that make it look easy. But what Roger is really carping about in this video is the system that prevents people from being able to buy homes they can afford. Not that he's really complaining- he lives on a boat! If you already have your own home, count yourself lucky.#humor #realestate #HonestAd
The Epic Saga of the Garage Door InstallationDreaming of having a home just the way you want it is nice, but getting from here to there can be an adventure. Millions of homeowners have a story about a building project, a remodel, or an installation that went wrong in every way it possibly could. It is only later, when the pain has worn off and the story has been refined for comedic purposes, that we can laugh about it. Michael Estrin wanted to turn an outbuilding back into a garage by getting a motorized garage door. It was supposed to be a one-day job, after an initial inspection by Jana, the project manager. By the third or fourth visit, Ernie the installer once again said he would be back next week. As it turns out, Ernie’s idea of a week is more like three fortnights. But eventually, Ernie and Kevin return with a right-side hinge. It takes them a few hours to install the hinge, remove the old door, then install the new door.“Sir, I have to apologize again,” Ernie says. “We need to come back.”I look at the new garage door. It looks great, so I’m not sure what the issue is.“There’s not enough space for the garage door opener because of the beam.”I look up at the beam that cuts across the ceiling of our garage. I asked Jana if the beam would be an issue, and she assured me that it would be fine. Then again, Jana, missed the hinge issue and she blew it on the lead paint too. But in her defense, she is consistent.Yet that was not the last of the delays. If you feel bad about a home project hone wrong, read the entire story for a laugh and the reassuring feeling of not being in this alone. -via Metafilter #garagedoor #remodel #humor #constructionwoes