The Tiniest House in LondonLondon is a very old city with an awful lot of people living there. Even more people want to, which is why real estate prices and rent is sky high. A good location is priceless. All that is why any unused space will be converted into a home for someone. Number 10 Hyde Park Place was converted long ago, and has become famous in its tininess. While it's bigger than Britain's smallest house, the smallest house in London has about 75 square feet of living space. It's been there for possibly 200 years, but at one time this space was an alleyway between two buildings. Its history is somewhat muddy but still fascinating. The legends associated with it are even more interesting. It's a pity we don't get to see the interior. The story of the house ends a minute and a half before the video does. -via Boing Boing#tinyhome #tinyhouse #London
London's "Invisible House" is Basically a Giant MirrorLondoners and tourists have been fascinated with the house called "London's House" which is actually a giant mirror in sought-after Richmond.Due to its design and structure, the house looks like it is something that people might have seen, without really seeing it. A curious Reddit user posted about the house and asked if it is a residential or commercial place.To answer this question, MyLondon went to see the place. The family who owns the home confirmed that it is residential. The home was redesigned by architect and artist Alex Haw. Haw thought that the concept would make the house talk with its environment.Image credit: Google StreetView and MyLondon#London #House #Architecture #InvisibleHouse #GiantMirrorHouse
A 20-Year Love Story That Started with an Uninvited Thanksgiving GuestWe can't help but fall in love with a charming couple who recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.Dina Honour was hosting a Thanksgiving meal for her friends in New York in November 1997 when one of her guests invited a friend to join them. Dina's celebration was crashed by Richard Stegall, who is now her husband. Although Dina was frustrated at first, she couldn’t help but be smitten with Richard, and Richard was also smitten with her. The two struck up an instantly engrossing discussion about Hamlet over a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream.Their relationship grew from there. Because Honour had recently broken up with her boyfriend and Stegall had stopped seeing someone in London, the two began their relationship with a month of daily long-distance phone calls and the occasional letter delivered across the Atlantic. Thanksgiving has become an important event for the couple now that they have been married for 20 years, and they continue to celebrate it even though they no longer live in the United States.Photo by: Dina Honour#Thanksgiving #NewYork #London #Love #Pumpkin #Pie