Los Angeles, Home of the DingbatsIt's kind of weird when an ugly architectural style becomes iconic, but that's the story of dingbats, an apartment style that just screams Southern California. Thousands of them were built in Los Angeles in the 1950s in order to cram more living units into a lot and to accommodate a car for each one. When you hear their story and see so many with their original names and decorations, you start to see them as iconic, or maybe even charming. Even though the exact dingbat plan is illegal to build in the 21st century, the existing buildings were grandfathered in and won't be torn down for economic reasons. However, they might fall down if an earthquake shakes them just right. Is this a style that will one day be deemed historical? It's possible, but until then they are quite in demand as a living space. Yes, this video does explain where the name came from. -via Digg#architecture #LosAngeles #dingbat #apartment
Panic Rooms are in High Demand in Los AngelesBecause of the perceived increase in crime in high-net-worth neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, hidden panic rooms are becoming increasingly in demand, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Real estate agents, though, can never tell casual buyers or appraisers the exact location of a safe room. Often, they can’t mention its existence at all until the property is under contract.For 25 years, Building Consensus/Panic Room has built various safe spaces ranging in security levels from one through eight. Safe rooms at level three may be protected with Kevlar, while a level eight is encased in thick steel. Prices range from $100,000 to over a million dollars (the company’s client base consists mostly of billionaires).Most rooms are opened with a finger or retina scan typically secreted behind a bookcase or hidden wall, and come equipped with panic buttons that automatically call security services. There also is an emphasis on comfort. On normal days, it can function as an everyday use room, which when needed can be turned into a safe haven. Image: Building Consensus#panicroom #saferoom #LosAngeles