Treehouse Hotels and Rentals For Your Vacation(Image credit: Fox and Hounds Hotel)You've got the travel bug after two years at home, but you don't want to deal with crowds. It would be great to relax in a natural place, as long as it's not too hot. How about a vacation where you stay in a treehouse! No hiking or adventure tours will be necessary to get back to nature, and the accommodations are luxurious. You can stay in treehouses in a rainforest, a nature preserve, an evergreen forest, on a mountainside, over a lake, or even in elevated accommodations without trees at all. The views are spectacular, which is why they were built in the first place, and you'll have all the privacy you can imagine. From South Africa to the Arctic, from Japan to Utah, there's a treehouse out there calling your name.
Jurassic Retreat: a Jurassic Park-Inspired Vacation Rental in Washougal, WashingtonThis man just managed to bring his childhood dream to life!Meet Todd Perkins, the owner of a new Jurassic Park-themed vacation rental house in Washougal, Washington. The lodging, called Jurassic Retreat, is a three-bedroom, two-bath house adorned with five animatronic dinosaurs. Don’t worry, they’re not inside the house, they’re casually lounging outside to further solidify the feeling of staying at one of the accommodations in a modern Jurassic Park, if it actually existed in real life.The business owner and entrepreneur made each room in the vacation rental pay tribute to the different characters from the movie, like Dr. Ian Malcom and Dr. John Hammond. While the Jurassic Retreat house is adorned with decorations inspired from the movies, such as a mosquito encased in amber and faux books written by the movie’s fictional professors, Perkins admitted that the place does not have the greatest Wi-Fi. Well, at least the dinosaurs are there! Image credit: via Evolve​#JurassicPark #vacationrental #Rent #VacationSpot #ThemedRetreats