16th-Century Haunted Castle for Sale

Imagine living in a Scottish castle with ten bedrooms on 53 acres. This is Earlshall Castle, built beginning in 1546 by Sir William Bruce. The Bruce family occupied Earlshall castle for generations, including the infamous Sir Andrew Bruce, who earned the nickname "Bloody Bruce." This may have been because of the time he cut off the head of Richard Cameron, leader of the Covenanters in 1680. Or it could have been just because he was a bloodthirsty warrior in general. But the upshot is that the ghost of Bloody Bruce is said to have never left Earlshall, even though the Bruces died out in 1708. Some have heard his footsteps on the castle's spiral staircase. Would that cause you to think twice about buying this property?

Besides the ten bedrooms, there are six bathrooms, eight reception rooms, a five-car garage, three cottages, a forest, a variety of gardens, and 19 acres of pasture. Earlshall castle is in Fife, with easy access to Dundee and Edinburgh. There are many golf courses and a beach nearby. The listing from Savills has details on Earlshall Castle, but you have to submit an application to find out the price. Still, anyone can see pictures of what's inside and out. Read more about the history of this castle at Mental Floss. 

(Image credit: Flickr user Tom Parnell and Savills) 

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