A Beautiful White Hydrangea Fence Line on a Coastal Home

They say that good fences make for good neighbors. Gorgeous white hydrangea fences, however, likely make for envious neighbors. The shear abundance of poofy white and green blooms shown here is sure to have even the kindest of nearby residents feeling positively green with envy. 

The hydrangea is a pretty common landscape plant. They tend to put on showy displays of large blooms from early spring well into fall. While some hydrangeas stay relatively small, the the vast majority of others become more shrub like. There is, however, beautiful variety of hydrangea that grows as a vine that can get up to 100 feet tall. 

The type of hydrangea shown here is loved in landscape design, because it is vibrant and somewhat hardy. A single plant can put on an amazing display. The plant, however, does go dormant in the winter. During that time they tend to leave multiple woody stalks sticking from the ground. For those looking for a green looking fences year round, this may not be the plant for them.  

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