A Collection of Structural Inspectors' Horror Stories

(Image credit: AlphaStructural

My house is over a hundred years old, and has seen a dozen owners and even more tenants. Evidence of their repair work often makes me laugh. But when the repair work is what's holding the entire house up, you need the best professional help.

(Image credit: AlphaStructural

Besides incompetent builders and amateur repair work, there's also weather, ground shifts, and aging that can make your home unsafe while you are busy living your life. That's what structural inspectors are for. Inspectors at Alpha Structural have found some shocking structural failures. Check out 35 images of things that concerned their inspectors so much that they had to take a picture and share it on the internet. Consider these warnings, and you might want to go look in your crawl space soon, to see if your home may qualify for a gallery appearance.

When you have the time, check out Alpha Structures' extensive archives of the horrors they've seen. 

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Image: AlphaStructuralā€‹

From AlphaStructural's Imgur:

We discovered this REAL skull while doing a foundation inspection on a property in LA. The authorities were called and it was discovered that the skull was in fact real and that the previous owners brought it back from Peru in the 70s or 80s. There wasn't any TSA agents to stop them from bringing it back, and when it came time to sell the property they threw it under the home.

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