A Truly Unique, if Baffling, Home in Kansas City

A home for sale in Kansas City looks pretty normal on the outside, with a nice-looking fish pond in the front yard. This window on the side is a clue to how different is it on the inside. Inside, you'll find lovely ornate trim, more stained glass, and...

...skulls and Ghostbusters props! But that's just the beginning. Off the living room is a recreation room with a vaulted ceiling, an in-floor fish pond, hot tub, spiral staircase, loft, and a palm tree. How many animals can you find in this picture?

According to the real estate listing, the house has two bedrooms and one bathroom, yet the garage has room for five cars. The master bedroom is about what you'd expect by that part of the tour.

And the second bedroom is even more so.

Even if the current owners take all the decor items with them, the skulls, the taxidermy, and the creepy antique furniture, you'll still be left with ornate trim, stained glass, wallpaper designed for a blacklight, and indoor and outdoor fish ponds. That all seems like a bargain at $140,000. -via Digg ā€‹

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Images via Zillow

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