A Truly Unique, if Baffling, Home in Kansas CityA home for sale in Kansas City looks pretty normal on the outside, with a nice-looking fish pond in the front yard. This window on the side is a clue to how different is it on the inside. Inside, you'll find lovely ornate trim, more stained glass, and...
Michelle Bain of Idaho Used Homemade Decorations to Create a Spooktacular Halloween Yard DisplaySince Halloween is approaching, many people have been exhibiting their enthusiasm and skills for the holiday. But how can you stand out from the crowd of decorations, and how far can you go for Halloween?Michelle Bain, a local resident from Idaho, has always loved Halloween but hasn't been able to express her enthusiasm while she wasliving in an apartment. Now that she’s living in a house, Michelle goes all out by turning her front yard into the most horrifying and spookiest thing you'll ever see.Using a vision board to help her plan, Michelle’s Halloween decorations have become more intricate and delightfully horrifying over time. Her cobwebs on coffins, skulls scattered around the lawn and coffins, spooky background noises, hanging "dead" people, a fog machine, and monsters that crawl from underground all add to the spookiness. It is certain to give you chills and a good thrill.  Image by: ktvb.com#halloween #idaho #decorations #spooky #yard
Stepping Up Your Halloween Home Decoration Game with TechnologyHalloween is a time when many people let their imaginations run wild, whether it's in their costumes or their decorations. Most neighborhoods are decked out for the season, but, while it is enjoyable and one of the most exciting times of the year, it can also be tedious at times. So, let's take your Halloween decorations to the next trendy level called “digital decorations.”​Digital decorations are a fresh and eye-catching approach to style or decorate your front lawn, backyard, or entire home. A video file, a projector, and an old sheet or shower curtain is all you need. In less than an hour, your home can be changed into a house of horrors.This setup is not only simpler and less stressful, but it is also one of the most cost-effective, and it can be used at any time of year, whether it is Halloween or Christmas. The digital decorations can always be retrieved from the storage area and be used instantly.Image by: iMore#halloween #digital #decorations #home
Curtis Gilbert And Chris Rowland of Washington, DC have a lot of Skele-fun Decorating Their Home for HalloweenIf you have ever passed through Sherman Circle in Petworth, you probably know the house with its unique take on Halloween decoration. On Halloween, Curtis Gilbert and Chris Rowland take the holiday decorations to a whole new level. On any given day, neighbors pass by and yell at Gilbert about the decorations.
Matthew Hammond of Virginia has an Over the Top Halloween Display Complete With Gambling Skeletons and Eddie Munster Style DragsterMatthew Hammond is a fifth-generation carpenter, and his skill in carpentry is showcased in his front yard every October. For years, Hammond has been bringing his yard to life every Halloween season, using lights, smoke machines, and skeletons of various sizes. ​This year, Hammond's theme is a dry dock. In his installation, some skeletons can be seen pulling a boat out into the open seas, while others dance, drink, gamble, and play music. If you're ever in Northern Virginia, make sure to pass by Hammond's yard located at the intersection of Mount Vernon Highway and Patton Blvd. Undeniably, Hammond loves Halloween, and he seems to have a skele-TON of fun making his scenes. (All Images: Jay Korff/ 7News) #Halloween #Installation #Skeletons #Virginia #Spooky
The Garcia Family of Clarksville, Tennessee has a Spooktacular and Ever-Changing Halloween Yard Display With Over 30 Skeleton CharactersEight years ago, Sarah Garcia began a fun project with her kids. The project started with eight tombstones and one skeleton. Now, the one skeleton has become 30, and the eight tombstones are now over 70. The skeletons came to be known as the Bones Family.Each day in the month of October, Garcia, friends, and family, create a scene with the skeletons and the tombstones. That's right. The scenes change each day for the whole month. That's how committed they are to this project, and they've been doing this for eight years already!Now that's dedication.Check out the official page of the Bones Family on Facebook and be updated on everything that happens with the wacky crew.(All Images: The Bones Family/ Sarah Garcia)#Halloween #Installation #Skeletons #Spooky #Tennessee
A Roundup of Spooky, Funny, and Awesome Skeleton Displays for Halloween 2021(Image credit: Oscar Carrero) Once upon a time, it was enough to place a carved pumpkin or a small plastic skeleton by the door. Halloween yard displays have now become artworks, with homeowners spending time and big bucks to outshine the neighbors and achieve viral fame. Skeletons are the perfect prop for a creative display, because they can be posed like living people doing everyday things- or very odd things. The Dinote family of Stone Oak, a neighborhood in San Antonio, changes their skeleton display every day! Above, you see the Dinote's skeleton family recreating the Milk Crate Challenge, with the expected disastrous results. See more of them at KSAT.
Make a Halloween Pumpkin for Your Cat to Hide InIt's never too early to make Halloween decorations! Especially if you're making a sturdy, soft bed for your cat that just happens to look like a Jack-o-lantern. Jay and Jaimie, also known as the Wicked Makers, got a new Sphinx cat named Oberon. Then they designed and built a bed for him, nicely enclosed for coziness, with an exterior that doubles as a scratching post. Since cats are somewhat destructive, they don't expect the bed to last forever, so it may as well do double duty as a Halloween decoration. If you want to try this yourself, Jay and Jaimie shared the entire project at Instructables. You can also watch the story unfold, with Oberon helping, in this video.