Bringing the Garden in With Trellis Decorated Walls

Dallas interior design firm Dunbar Road is responsible for the creation of this adorable and whimsical space. The room uses an abundance of trellis shaped molding and other trim work to give the room an airy conservatory feel. The color pallet is striking, but not shocking. The use of pale green, bright whites, yellows, and pops of pink remind someone of sitting in the garden.   

Sometimes a great amount of molding in a room can make it feel stuffy. This room, however, feels airy and light. Perhaps that is due to the proliferation of bright whites and the moderate amount of furniture used. 

This is a bold and happy room. One could easily imagine sitting down at that table with friends. Perchance have few cups of tea, a smattering of pastries, and a good deal of belly laughs.  

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