Britain's Smallest House has a 16-square-foot Interior

The smallest house in Britain can be found in Conwy, Wales. The Quay House has a useable floor space of only 16 square feet! How does someone live like that? Well, it was built in the 16th century, when no one expected a house to come with a bathroom, or even a kitchen. Quay House does have a fireplace, which is where one would cook back then. Besides a fireplace, the house has stairs to a second floor, which contains a small bed. The downstairs has room for a small bench and not much else. There's a water tap underneath the stairs.

The house was occupied until 1900, but no one was interested in living there after that date. It's now a tourist attraction, and you can go inside for a small fee (one at a time, please). Read the history of the Quay House, the ultimate in tiny houses, and see more pictures at Mental Floss. 

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