The Mansion That Inspired The Great GatsbyThere was more than one mansion on Long Island's Gold Coast that influenced the writing of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitgerald. The neighborhood was the playground of the elite wealthy during the early 20th century. The most opulent was Harbor Hill, owned by Clarence Mackay and his wife Kitty. Mackay's story is one we've all heard before, even if the names change. Industrial tycoons of the Gilded Age passed their wealth down to descendants who only wanted to party the Roaring '20s away, until the crash of 1929 ruined everything. Let's take a look at the amazing display of conspicuous consumption that Harbor Hill was to Clarence Mckay, and ultimately to F. Scott Fitzgerald.#historicmansion #historichome #TheGreatGatsby #HarborHill  
7 Modernist Homes Fit for a Movie VillainThe house above, named the Chemospere, resembled nothing as much as a UFO. In 1960, aerospace engineer Leonard Malin inherited land on a steep hillside that would be hard to build on. He enlisted architect John Lautner, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, to build the home. It was later the scene of a real murder, and in 1984 was the setting of Brian De Palma's movie Body Double. The Chemosphere is only one of a list of seven glorious modernist houses that were so striking that they made it into the movies. Five of the homes were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or architects who trained under him. Another is the Hollyhock House, built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1922.
Britain's Smallest House has a 16-square-foot InteriorThe smallest house in Britain can be found in Conwy, Wales. The Quay House has a useable floor space of only 16 square feet! How does someone live like that? Well, it was built in the 16th century, when no one expected a house to come with a bathroom, or even a kitchen. Quay House does have a fireplace, which is where one would cook back then. Besides a fireplace, the house has stairs to a second floor, which contains a small bed. The downstairs has room for a small bench and not much else. There's a water tap underneath the stairs. The house was occupied until 1900, but no one was interested in living there after that date. It's now a tourist attraction, and you can go inside for a small fee (one at a time, please). Read the history of the Quay House, the ultimate in tiny houses, and see more pictures at Mental Floss.#tinyhome #tinyhouse #Wales #historichome
Fairview Manor: The Perfect Tim Burton Setting Can Be YoursFairview Manor is an eccentric Victorian home near Hudson, New York, and it's on the market for 1.2 million. The 7400-square-foot house sits on 12 acres and includes two guesthouses and other assorted outbuildings. It's been for sale for a couple of years, and the price has dropped from 1.7 million. It's listed with zero bedrooms, because of its unique history as an institution, but there are plenty of rooms, so how you configure it is up to you. You might want to sleep in the auditorium! Built in 1869, the mansion has been a college, an orphanage, a boarding school, and an artist's studio. The current owner is renowned artist Mihail Chemiakin, who was exiled from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The house is filled with his archives, art supplies, and sculptures. Sadly, not all of the whimsical sculptures that dot the landscape will be included in the sale.
Writer's Homes You Can Visit for InspirationOne's surroundings can open the mind for creativity. A writer's home doesn't have to be sumptuous, but to produce classic literature, a writer must be comfortable enough to contemplate and craft stories. Of course, some writers start out poor and with success work their way up to owning a grand mansion, while others are born into wealth, education, and time of one's own. An author who achieves worldwide notoriety may eventually have a museum in their honor, often at the home they lived in. The grand house above was where Vladimir Nabokov lived in Siverskaya, Russia. Below, you'll see the famous boathouse Dylan Thomas occupied in Laugharne, Wales. While not quite as grand, it was inspirational. He wrote poetry in the garage he turned into a studio.