Cozy Collection by Hannes Grebin: Wonderful Cubist Yet Plush Sofas and Chairs

Hannes Grebin, a German designer for Todd Merrill Studio, has developed an astonishing furniture that questions the typical domestic décor by adding cubism ideas to his masterpiece. Using reduced geometric shapes and interconnected planes, he has disassembled the traditional technique of creating and molding sofas and chairs. He achieved a hand-crafted design with the best materials and the highest degree of craftsmanship with the help of a master upholster in Berlin.

The Cozy Collection of Hannes Grebin is a collection of cubistic upholstered furniture that manages to mix angular surfaces with comfort in an unexpected yet functional way. They are “living sculptures,” according to Hannes, “which puts the traditional views about comfort and taste into question.” For example, the 'dad's chair,' a wing back type that dates back centuries, has been re-analyzed, broken down, and rebuilt into the comfy yet angular chair as part of the collection.

Images by Todd Merrill Studio - via If It's Hip It's Here

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