This Table Was Handmade With Just Wood Strips Human creativity knows no bounds. We can create anything we want as long as we have enough materials, time, and inspiration. Olivier Gomis, a professional woodturner for more than two decades showcases his talent and passion for his work in a short video explaining his work on this magnificent wooden table.Called The Wormhole, Gomis created a coffee table that was inspired by the space phenomenon of the same name. He handmade this piece with just wood strips, along with a lot of time, expertise, and patience. The table is shaped like a wooden plank that was bent and joined together by a double cone. This shape makes you think that it wasn’t really handmade, but it was! It can be done by creating different strips of air-dried walnut wood. Gomis glued them together with maple veneer sheets in between (which gives the appearance of the white grid lines). The strips were cut and joined at different angles to form the table’s bent shape. Check out how he created the table below! Image credit: Olivier Gomis#furniture #art #wormholes #art #OlivierGomis
"De-Pinterizing" Antique FurnitureWhy would anyone paint over beautiful wood furniture? There are several reasons. Often people buy used furniture to fill a specific need, and since it's cheap, they don't mind painting it to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. Maybe the finish has some damage that they don't know how to repair. But most egregious is the lingering effects of the "shabby chic" trend that played out about 20 years ago. Painting and then "distressing" wood furniture is easy; reversing it is not. But dedicated furniture lovers will do their best. Redditor toothqueencolleen found this cedar chest at Goodwill for $20. A peek inside showed that it was good quality cedar, so she set about restoring it to its former glory. Look how it turned out!
This Elegant Piece of Jurniture Is Made of Old JeansIt’s not furniture; it’s jurniture! This stool is made of old jeans and ExoPoxy resin. They’ve been hardened together so well that they can withstand 450 pounds.Vedat Ulgen, the designer behind them, operates a studio in Brooklyn. He felt inspired by the grittiness of Brooklyn to create this streetwise stool. It’s one of many that can fill your home, as Ulgen sells them on 1st Dibs. Just be prepared to wait a month before yours arrives because each one takes a month to produce.If you don’t need a stool, then consider other options. Ulgen also produces a coffee table held up with jeans.-via Helen#Jeans #Furniture #VedatUlgen
Sustainable Ways to Furnish Your HomeIf you're moving into your first apartment, or upgrading to a larger home, you may want to be eco-conscious when purchasing furnishings. After all, it takes a lot of "stuff" to make a home livable, and you don't want to contribute to the earth's degradation as you prepare your personal nest. Let's face it, the most eco-conscious way to do that is with used furniture. That will keep it from the landfill for as long as you like, and you'll know you had no hand in causing it to be manufactured in the first place. Another tip is to only get what you need. Not every room requires a piece of furniture in every corner. Minimalism itself is a statement for sustainability. But if you want new furniture that reflects your own style, there are sustainable options. New materials are being made that are tough, long-lasting, natural, recyclable, and eventually biodegradable. There's always wood, but bamboo, soy, hemp, and other natural materials are renewable in far less time. Read about sustainable furniture options for your home at Moss and Fog.#furniture #green #environment #sustainable
This Chair Is Also a StepladderDo you need a chair? Do you need a stepladder? Do you have too much money? If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, then I’ve got a great deal for you!Homecrux introduces us to the Stepladder Chair, which is the result of a collaboration between furniture designer Stephen Kenn and the Swiss knife brand Victorinox. The fake leather seatback swings forward to turn into a three-step staircase. It’s available for about the price of a cup of coffee--just a measly $1,800. And due to that price, your lighter wallet will make climbing these three steps easier.#furniture #chairs #stepladder
The Maelstrom Chest of Drawers: Beautiful or Creepy?This handmade wooden chest of drawers would look equally as good in a museum gallery, in an expensive modern high-rise apartment, and in the home of the Addams Family. However, it would stick out like a sore thumb in my house, which is decorated in the style I call "estate sale chic." The Maelstrom dresser was designed and crafted by Caleb Woodard of Caleb Woodard Furniture. Woodard is as much a sculptor as he is a carpenter. It is made from ebonized ash wood, which is explained here. The surface undulates like waves, which draw the eye without hinting that there is a practical storage piece underneath. The discussion at reddit centered on all the possible ways you could pull the drawers open. Woodard tells us that grips are hidden under the curves on each drawer. See pictures of other pieces Woodard has created in his Maelstrom style.#furniture #CalebWoodard #Maelstrom #chestofdrawers
"Room-Like" Furniture for a Japanese Corporation DormTakenaka Corporation, a Japanese general contracting firm requires its new hires to spend a year at its live-in training facility. The goal for the year is to learn the ropes, so to speak. You’d live in a company dormitory while training. This kind of business practice is common in Japan, by the way.The company had its training-employee dormitory redesigned in 2019. Under the creative vision of design consultancy Taiji Fujimori Atelier, the place was given a minimalistic, clean look through the furniture they provided. The common areas were adorned with comfortable sitting areas, where employees can do their work sitting on the soft, elevated, floor cushions. The highlight of the Atelier’s work is in the dorm rooms of the building. Equipped with unique sliding doors, the rooms allow the person inside to open the upper door to let in some fresh air while having their room still hidden from public view. The interior is composed of furniture that can be described as super minimal, or as the design consultancy described it, “room-like furniture.” This kind of style combines shelves, closets, beds, and desks as a single unit that looks like a one-stroke line.  “While making a small room practical and functional, the unit still keeps the appearance as one piece of furniture," they added. Image credit: Taiji Fujimori Atelier#furniture #interiordesign #companydormitory #TaijiFujimoriAtelier #TakenakaCorporation
This Bird Table Expands by Spreading Its WingsSome home furnishings by designer Marsia Holzer are purely decorative, such as these sculptures, while others are functional. This table, which is available in three different colors, merges the practical and the whimsical. If I understand correctly, the table is made from wood wrapped in sheet metal.This is a dining table, which a home needs if guests visit. Depending upon the number of guests, you may need to embiggen it. To do so, just open the bird’s wings.
These Chairs Are the Stylish Update to the Yoga BallHave you ever used a yoga ball as an office chair? Some people prefer them to conventional office chairs because either they like to strengthen their cores while sitting or that they’re masochists. I lean toward the latter theory and prefer a comfortable chair.The problem with the yoga ball chair is that it’s ugly. It doesn’t look anything like a chair because it’s literally a piece of gym equipment brought into the office.Core 77 introduces us to the Bikechair by designer Giogio Gurioli. The 3D printed chair provides some back support if the user braces his/her legs correctly. Four of them fit into a table to create a convenient meeting space where everyone stays focused on the essential tasks because the furniture is so uncomfortable. #furniture #chairs #GiorgioGurioli
Parent Work Station and Child Play Station Combo is the Perfect Desk for Working ParentsOne of the challenges of being a parent of a toddler or infant is how to use the library's adult reading room and computer workstations. Aside from their children disrupting their work, it can also be dangerous to keep children near cables, wires, and outlets which are all necessary for making a computer work. Hence, the library director, Barbara Weedman, together with other collaborators, made a custom workstation featuring The Fairfield Carrel.Made out of wood, this custom-made workstation is divided into two parts: a play space that is designed for children up to two years old and a workspace with a computer and chair for the working adult. This has improved the overall usability of the library. It should also be noted that this is also a good product to be used at home.  Efficient, functional, and practical work-from-home setups are extremely relevant nowadays. Image credit: Chris Cunningham#WorkingParents #Furniture #Children #Desk #WorkStation
Zipper Bookshelf by Deniz AktayDeniz Aktay, a furniture designer who took architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart, might just be an up-and-coming designer for his hyper-realistic furniture renders and ideas.Aktay posted a picture of a bookshelf that looks like a zipper. This bookshelf is made out of metal and is painted orange.  The bookshelf is designed in a way that it shows the interlocking projections. This, however, is just a rendering of a concept. This is not yet a real piece of furniture. It was posted January 12, 2022, and now has more than a thousand likes, implying support and interest from people.  ​Image credit: @dezin_design on Instagram#zipper #design #furniture #concept #bookshelf
Human Bed and Cat Tower Combo by Japanese Interior Company DinosThis is the perfect furniture combination for cat owners!Meet the Bed with Cat Step. This is a canopy bed with a makeshift cat tower attached to its footboard. Designed by Tokyo-based interior company Dinos, this piece of furniture measures at 99 and 124 centimeters. Each of the steps in the connecting cat tower is 31 centimeters tall, and the round openings in the furniture are 24 centimeters in diameter– better check if that’s good enough for your cat! The Bed with Cat Step is priced at 352,000 yen (US$3,060) for the single-size frame and 418,000 yen (US$3,614) for a double bed. Image via SoraNews24 #cats #animals #furniture #bedwithcatstep #Japan #Dinos
Two Designers Transforms The Billy IKEA Bookcase into Two Very Different Pieces of FurnitureAll it needs is just a little bit of DIY, right?The IKEA Billy bookcase is a popular choice for storage for its minimalistic look and feel. I mean, the item, which is priced at $49.99,  hosts 6 wide shelves for storage which is amazing. In addition, its streamlined aesthetic can adapt to any type of decor scheme cooking in your home. On the other hand, its simple look and feel leave it open for DIY upgrades to spice it up a little bit. Architectural Digest invited DIY YouTuber Drew Scott and furniture designer Leonard Bessemer to transform the Billy bookcase into something different. Each had their own take on upgrading the bookcase. Scott focused on attaching wooden details to the shelf itself while Bessemer cut some parts of the bookcase to give it a new look. Check the photos of their work below! Image credit: IKEA, Drew Scott, Chase Lewis via Architectural Digest #DIY #decor #home #IKEA #architecturaldigest #furniture #bookcase
Secondhand IKEA Furniture Can Bring in Big BucksWho knew that old IKEA furniture could be valuable? But let's be real. If you are in the process of replacing your starter furniture with something more substantial, you can go ahead and give it away to a new college student or someone who just got their first apartment.However, if you've hung on to your IKEA furniture for decades, or you've inherited some, you might just have a treasure hanging around. There are some pieces that are now quite rare and can fetch a hefty sum at auction. For example, an Impala easy chair, like the one on the left, recently sold for £6,210. The value of these IKEA pieces will depend on several things, like their age, rarity, condition, and who designed it. Check out some the more desirable items at The Guardian. And if you once owned these furniture items and gave them away long ago, don't cry too much because they would have probably worn out by now. At least you can tell yourself so.  -via Nag on the Lake(Image credit: IKEA/The Guardian) #IKEA #vintage #furniture
Finally! Official Pokemon Furniture Line for Grown Ups has Launched with Pikachu-Inspired Sofa and Poke Ball TableThe Pokemon Company has teamed up with Japanese furniture and interior furnishings company Karimoku to produce a line of furniture that looks sleek and minimalistic at times. These new pieces of furniture are inspired by the cute pocket monsters we all love and are familiar with, but not to the point that it either looks childish or too in your face.At first glance, the items in the collection look like abstract patterns, fooling people into thinking they are not inspired by the popular franchise. On a closer inspection, one can spot the Pokemon designs on the curtains, sheet, and floor mat.The collection features a Pikachu sofa, a two-seater sofa model with bright colors, and a Pikachu pattern. In addition to that, there is also a one-person easy chair, a Poke Ball side table, and a gigantic Snorlax rug that looks elegant enough to be placed in your main living room.The collection can be purchased through the Pokemon Center Online store starting October 14. Don’t worry, these can be placed within your very adult home without anyone complaining about its ‘childishness’ or campiness (then again it’s your home, so who cares if you want an over-the-top Pikachu sofa? You do you!).Image credit: via JapanToday#Pokemon #Furniture #HomeDecor #InteriorDesign #Karimoku #Pikachu #Sofa
Ikea is Launching a Furniture Buyback ProgramIn an attempt to draw down its carbon footprint by the end of the decade, Ikea is starting to buy back furniture items from its customers who no longer need them, and either resell it at a discount or dispose of it. The program in the United States is limited to one location for now, in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, but is expected to expand gradually across the country.    Ikea has already started rolling out the service in other countries, from the U.K. to Singapore. When someone wants to sell an item, they fill out a form online and indicate the condition, and Ikea offers an estimate of how much it can pay. (The option is limited to certain types of furniture, including bookcases, desks, chairs without upholstery, and a handful of other categories.) When the customer brings the furniture to the store, an employee will verify the condition and then give a store credit. If the item doesn’t qualify for resale, the customer can either take it home or Ikea can help dispose of it in “the most responsible way the local infrastructure will allow,” Keesson says.Meanwhile, if you have a truck and are within driving distance of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, you can already pick up some bargains on previously-used Ikea furniture. Read more about the program at Fast Company. ​(Image: Ikea) #Ikea #furniture #furniturebuyback
The Modular Curt Sofasystem is Infinitely AdaptableSometimes you want a sofa and sometimes you want just a comfy chair, and sometimes you really need an extra bed for guests. The Curt Sofasystem from Ambivalenz is a system of modular furniture that can be all that and more. The basic unit is a "pouf," which can be an ottoman on its own, or a daybed with two side-by-side, or with more poufs on end, can be a couch or an armchair.
French Designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance Makes Use Of Discarded Burnt Cork To Make Beautiful FurnitureIt’s amazing when we manage to turn waste material into something beautiful. This is what happened when French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance found a way to make discarded burnt cork useful by using it for his Burnt Cork furniture collection. Here, the blocks of cork he used featured combinations of the waste material with fine grain cork in a way that showed a gradient of textures."I wanted the user to have a direct connection with the cork as it is on the tree," said Duchaufour-Lawrance. "And thus the gradient from rawness to refinement. Connecting directly with the history and process of the material itself."This innovative idea of using burnt cork all started when Duchaufour-Lawrance moved to Portugal in summer 2017. He was on his 3-day drive to the country when he came across forest fires and burning trees. He took photos of the landscape and kept the memory in his heart. Then later, Duchaufour-Lawrence and Portugal-based studio Made in Situ brainstormed with cork production facility NF Cork about new ways of using the waste material. One thing led to another, and the Burnt Cork furniture collection finally came to existence.Images: Made in Situ#cork #treebark #forestfires #recycle #furniture #Portugal #NoeDuchaufourLawrance #MadeInSitu
Enric Miralles’ Shape Shifting Furniture‘Miralles. Perpetuum Mobile’ is an exhibition that showcases the different productions and furniture created by Enric Miralles. The late Catalan architect’s style in designing was defined by dynamism, which is not exactly what comes to mind to most people when they think of static furniture. This principle of dynamism shows through the different pieces displayed in the exhibit. From shape-shifting tables that conceal drawers and cabinets to a shelving unit that can extend to tables that, in turn, can change in height, his furniture employs sinuous lines and playful constructions. Check more of his designs in the photos below! Image credit: via Wallpaper​#Dynamism #Furniture #FurnitureDesign #EnricMiralles 
How to Give Your Bedroom a Makeover in the Cheapest Way PossibleIf you've spent a lot of time at home over the past year and a half (and who hasn't?), you might be thinking of how to spruce up your home, specifically your bedroom. After all, you've looked at those same four walls enough. But you don't have to remodel or haul in new furniture to give that bedroom a fresh new look. Lifehacker has tips for making your bedroom look bigger, or more colorful, or just more updated, without spending a ton of money.Those are good ideas, but I will add another from my recent personal experience. Get rid of anything, including furniture, that you don't really need. It will open the space up, make your bedroom look bigger, and it won't cost you a cent! #bedroom #makeover #furniture
The Big Cheese: A Playful Sofa by Song Xue That Looks Like a Giant Piece of Swiss CheeseHow do you keep energetic children entertained and get them to sit for a moment at the same time? Perhaps all you have to do is give them a piece of cheese - a REALLY big piece of Swiss cheese.Here’s the “Big Cheese” sofa by Song Xue, a Norway-based industrial designer. It’s made from a big chunk of elastic foam and is sculpted using electric heating wires. Like the real thing, the playful cheese sofa has many differently-sized holes. There’s a big main hole for the child to sit in, as well as other holes that they can use to place their toys and play with.The sofa was featured by the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Museum in Beijing, China in 2016.Images: Song Xue#sofa #furniture #chair #cheese #SongXue #kidsfurniture
Shota Urasaki’s Award Winning Cloud Chair Japanese artist Shota Urasaki’s fascination with the sky, along with her creativity and artistry, has landed her the Gold A’ Design Award at the A’ Design Award & Competition. Urasaki designed a cloud chair, which came up after the artist saw a moving cloud while it rained on the coast of Okinawa, Japan, where she lived.The chair is designed to mimic a cloud raining down. The seating surface is white, fluffy and cloud-like. It is made by piercing polyester fiber into the polyurethane foam with a needle. Meanwhile, the legs of the chair, which are made of stainless steel, depict the water droplets that fall as rain. The chair’s structure gives whoever sits on the chair the illusion of floating. Check more photos of Urasaki’s artworks on her Instagram! Image credit: Shota Urasaki / A' Design Award & Competition#nature #chair #furniture #cloud #okinawa #Japan #ShotaUrasaki
Dinos Dining Table is Inviting for CatsIf your cat won't leave you alone at dinner, or if you just like having your cat around at dinnertime, here's a table designed explicitly for that purpose! The table has a hole in the middle, with a handy platform underneath. Your cat can rest there, or stick his head up through the hole to keep an eye on you. This is from the Japanese retailer Dinos, who apparently are assuming you have a well-behaved cat. Otherwise, there is a wooden piece provided so you can plug the hole.
Travelmate by Studio Vertijet is a Fireplace in a Suitcase Now this item could be an instant heat source when you need it! Just make sure you have the necessary items to light a fire, of course.Meet the Travelmate, a briefcase-shaped travel fireplace designed by Studio Vertijet. The fireplace can be easily set up in any desired place, on the floor, on the dining table, or even on the patio outside! The Travelmate fireplace is made of stainless steel and, unfortunately,  is not weather resistant. When setting up your portable fireplace, make sure that the fire wouldn’t be put out by outdoor elements, and that it's safely placed on a suitable surface! Image via: conmoto #Aesthetic #Furniture #Fireplaces #StudioVertijet #Travelmate  #briefcase