Creating Fanciful Spaces by Bringing the Inside Out

The pergola above appears to be made of simple wooden posts. The rustic structure, however, is transformed into something out of a dream with the addition of unexpected elements. The materials and accessories one would expect to find inside of a home have come out into the garden. 

Heavy and frilly curtains are used to expertly frame the area. They give the the illusion that this open space is actually an an enclosed room. The two white chandeliers hanging over a beautifully decorated table add to this fantasy.

Elements of the outdoors, however, remain in plain site. The rusted table and chairs clearly belong in the garden. They are weathered and worn by the ever-changing seasons.  Tendrils of ivy appear to be climbing and accidentally tying back the thick pink curtains. 

The natural beauty of the outdoors is wondrously and fancifully enhanced by the addition of indoor textiles, fixtures, and accessories. Magic is made by the mixing of such impractical components. This space is a reminder that the unexpected can have stunning results. 

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