Flowering Bulbs for Garden ProcrastinatorsGarden flowers grown from bulbs, corms, and tubers are a joy because they come back year after year. Dig once, enjoy forever after ...or a few years, anyway. But it's almost May, and the daffodils and tulips have already flowered. You should have planted them last fall. Most lilies, which you should have planted last month, are sprouting. But if you are envious of your neighbor's perennial gardens, there's still time to put out some flowering bulbs that will bloom this year. Apartment Therapy introduces us to six kinds of perennials you can still plant for blooms this year, with tips on selecting a variety for your zone and proper planting and care. But if you still feel envious of your neighbor's displays of tulips and daffodils, you can plant those growing in pots you find at garden centers for bloom next spring. And make a note on your calendar to buy some bulbs this fall. After all, planting perennials signifies hope for the future. It's good for the soul. (Image credit: Sebastian Rittau)#garden #flower #bulb
What to Do Now for a Better Garden Next SpringAround the first of January, companies begin sending seed catalogs out to gardeners so they can plan their summer gardening. It may be hard to believe, but January is less than two weeks away! If you normally start thinking about the garden in March or April, you will soon become overwhelmed with the amount of work to do. But even in December, there are things you can do to make that work easier. One of those things is to make a schedule for the coming year. This big chores (and the little ones) won't seem so onerous if you spread them out over the calendar. Yes, there are things you can do in January and February to improve your garden and get all the chores done with less pain. In fact, there are still things you can do in December to make next year's garden chores run smoother and grow a more bounteous garden, whether it's full of vegetables, flowers, or just a nicely landscaped yard. Also, spreading the chores of gardening out over the year is another way of spreading the joy of gardening over a year. Read what you can do now to get a jump on your 2022 garden at Lifehacker.#garden
Stuck at Home? Build a "Shed Pub" in Your Own BackyardDuring this pandemic, it appears that many people have turned to various forms of activities to make their stay at home more enjoyable and worthwhile. Some people have taken up a new hobby, whereas others have started remodeling or decorating their homes.One of these folks is the Crabs Family, who built a pub in their backyard! They went on a three-week adventure with the help of Amy Octavia Casey, owner of Octavia Chic, and her husband to build and finish this project. The Drunken Crab has been described as a pleasant, inviting, and lovely tavern. It has a family dining area, a bar, a game room, live entertainment, and sports, as well as a warm fireplace.One of the most astounding aspects of this pub is that it was meticulously planned down to the last detail and is brimming with handcrafted goods!Images by: Octavia Chic#ShedPub #DrunkenCrab #Pub #Garden #OctaviaChic
Framing a Space With Lattice WorkNestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina is the grand Biltmore Estate. This amazing property is known for its glorious informal and formal gardens. It is here that horticultural experts, and hobby gardeners alike, take infinite delight in the beautiful bounty that nature provides.One, however, does not have to be railroad tycoon to find inspiration in the magnificent gardens of the Biltmore. Simple structures, like the above lattice work window, are easily incorporated into smaller gardens. Even though the structure is uncomplicated it is still incredibly dramatic. The open oval center creates the illusion that one is peering through a window. The lattice work  generates the perception of a wall. Even though one can see through the lattice, and open oval, it conveys to the viewer that they are inside looking out. #lattice #oval #woodwork #garden #gardendesign #Biltmore #landscape #hardscape  
When Two Plants Become One: Creating Garden Architectural Pieces With Natural ElementsAdding archways to spaces is an elegant way to define an opening. They draw a person in, but do so in a way that does not feel confining. Their curved structure can, therefore, instantly elevate an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.Famed designer Richard Shapiro is known for his interior and exterior work. Here, in his own garden, he demonstrates how adding unexpected archways can magnify the beauty of an outdoor space. He has simply trained two elegant shrubs into a sort of topiary archway. Visually the two plants now appear as one. The result is the creation of living architectural piece.  The sizeable opening between the glittering green leaves of this archway gives the illusion of a magical doorway. Though there are no true solid walls, the area beyond feels secluded and private. One feels drawn to the fantasy that just beyond is a separate wondrous space. #exteriordesign #garden #topiary #archway #architecture #naturalelements #yard #landscape 
Creating Fanciful Spaces by Bringing the Inside OutThe pergola above appears to be made of simple wooden posts. The rustic structure, however, is transformed into something out of a dream with the addition of unexpected elements. The materials and accessories one would expect to find inside of a home have come out into the garden.Heavy and frilly curtains are used to expertly frame the area. They give the the illusion that this open space is actually an an enclosed room. The two white chandeliers hanging over a beautifully decorated table add to this fantasy.Elements of the outdoors, however, remain in plain site. The rusted table and chairs clearly belong in the garden. They are weathered and worn by the ever-changing seasons.  Tendrils of ivy appear to be climbing and accidentally tying back the thick pink curtains. The natural beauty of the outdoors is wondrously and fancifully enhanced by the addition of indoor textiles, fixtures, and accessories. Magic is made by the mixing of such impractical components. This space is a reminder that the unexpected can have stunning results. #pergola #curtains #chandelier #frillycurtains #garden #gardenparty #tablescape
A Beautiful and Earthy Outdoor Dining Space in the Coastal Region of ProvenceMarrying the functionality and formality of the indoors with the rustic nature of an outdoor space is no easy task. The area needs to be protected from the elements, but also embrace the very environment it needs protection from. Moreover, it needs to bring the purpose and comfort of the inside to the outside.UK interior designer Joanna Wood has mastered the art of the outdoor space. This gorgeous covered patio area seizes on the tan and taupe colors present in the rustic stone. The heavy dining table anchors the space, but yet remains almost neutral. The color of that large piece of furniture blending in so beautiful with the shades of the stone. The woven chairs adds a softer touch, but still remain true to the pallet. The natural green of the vines and plants are left to provide those necessary and desired pops of color. The patio dining space feels warm and inviting. A tiny sense of formality is created with the table properly set and the use of pale blue glass and the use of decorator pieces in the background. One can't help, but feel beckoned to sit down and enjoy a boisterous and lively meal alfresco. #outdoor #coveredpatio #patiospace #outdoordining #outdoorliving #backyard #garden 
The Best Quarantine Backyard MakeoversIf you need some inspiration to get going on those backyard plans you've had for so long, check out the before-and-after pictures of what some people did during their lockdown time. In 35 projects, you'll see amazing cleanups and redesigns, plenty of inviting outdoor furniture, beautiful gardens, and personal additions such as fountains, decks, playhouses, and even a tree house! Even the tiniest patio can become an outdoor gathering place with a little imagination. The transformation above comes from the redditor who goes by the name LargeHardOnCollider. His walled English garden went from Addams Family to urban oasis! Click to enlarge the image here.Bored Panda has a ranked list of 35 backyard transformations from everyday folks, and if you want to learn more about a particular project, click the name just below the pictures to go to the original discussion. #backyard #garden
Beautiful Outdoor Patio Cover Complete With Living RoofThis charming outdoor kitchen patio cover is located in Germany. The patio cover itself has a simple open box shape. The living roof, however, takes this uncomplicated structure from ordinary to spectacular.  This gorgeous living patio cover doesn't sacrifice beauty for practicality. It provides shelter from the elements. More importantly, however, it also provides a benefit to the environment in which it is erected. This visually intriguing structure is planted with variety of plants that attract beneficial pollinators. Outdoor shelters don't have to be simple and practical boxy eyesores. Nor do they need to be grand to be wonderful. By taking a clean shape and transforming it into a living element of the outdoors the style is also elevated.  #livingroof #outdoorliving #outdoorkitchen #patiocover #garden #landscape