Fairview Manor: The Perfect Tim Burton Setting Can Be Yours

Fairview Manor is an eccentric Victorian home near Hudson, New York, and it's on the market for 1.2 million. The 7400-square-foot house sits on 12 acres and includes two guesthouses and other assorted outbuildings. It's been for sale for a couple of years, and the price has dropped from 1.7 million. It's listed with zero bedrooms, because of its unique history as an institution, but there are plenty of rooms, so how you configure it is up to you. You might want to sleep in the auditorium!

Built in 1869, the mansion has been a college, an orphanage, a boarding school, and an artist's studio. The current owner is renowned artist Mihail Chemiakin, who was exiled from the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The house is filled with his archives, art supplies, and sculptures. Sadly, not all of the whimsical sculptures that dot the landscape will be included in the sale.

Oh yeah, it's a fixer-upper, still showing internal damage from a fire years ago. But what an adventure that would be! Read more about Fairview Manor at Messy Messy Chic. 

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