For Sale: An American House Owned by the Same Family for 300 Years

Here's an opportunity to buy a historic home that figured in the American Revolution. If you don't have a couple million dollars to spare, you can look inside anyway and see how well-off people lived back then. The house at 99 Sudbury Road in Concord, Massachusetts, was built by one of Concord's original settlers, soon after the land was purchased in 1653. It was sold to Deacon Edward Wheeler in 1696, and has since been in the Wheeler family's possession. But on the death of Betty and Richard Wheeler, the home is now on the market.

Owners of the home have included two Wheelers who fought in the American Revolution. During the war, the house was used to store supplies for the Continental Army, such as tents and tools. It has 4,510 square feet of interior space, which includes five bedrooms and four bathrooms (yeah, those were added long after the war). Historic details include wide plank flooring and five fireplaces outfitted for cooking. However, the kitchen is relatively modern, having been remodeled in the 1950s.

One thing to keep in mind about buying a historic home is that it is protected through the local historical association, in this case the Historic New England Preservation Easement Program. It allows necessary upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms, but restricts total overhauls. Still, who would want to change a thing about this charming 369-year-old house? See 40 pictures of the outside and inside at the real estate listing. -via Farkā€‹

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