Go Ahead, Talk About Your House

Redditor JSFord815 posted a picture of the cake he bought for his brother's birthday. The brother bought his first house this year, and won't shut up about it. I can relate. When you buy a house, especially your first house, there's an awful lot to talk about. The search for the right house is a real adventure, and once you've closed, the settling in, the repairs, the customizing and decorating, and all the things you learn about a building and its ownership are taking up a lot of room in your brain. It's okay, because the nesting instinct is a very natural thing, whether you are a bird or a human. You can't help yourself!

But the comments say even more. The overwhelming majority of the top comments were on the brother's side. Everyone wants to hear about the house. They want to talk about their own houses, too, even if the purchase was years ago. Even if they don't own their first house yet, they want to talk about getting one. We are glad to hear that the two brothers are close, and the homeowner brother is fine with the cake. It's actually the second one he's gotten like this, and they both laughed at the joke. So go ahead and talk with your family and friends about your new house, and listen to their tales about their homes, too. It's a very human part of life, and something we should share.

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